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"Dear Greg, Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for all your great, hard work on the shoot. You were always a calm, collected and professional presence. I knew that if you were on the task, it would get done right. I really hope to have the chance to work with you again in the future. Yours, Thomas Woodrow"


"Company 1 and Greg Meola are first rate. Would hire them locally or state wide without hesitation. Great gear and superior work ethic."


"Working with Greg and Company 1 one was fantastic! Not only was the equipment and service first class but the local knowledge and assistance that came with working with Greg and his team was key to our successful shoot in the Hudson Valley. Not sure how we could have pulled it off without them. Would recommend Company 1 to anyone shooting in the area."

Riel Roch Decter, Producer, GAME WARDEN

"In the world of fast and efficient film production, LED lightning and digital cinema support is now manditory. Company 1 provides this and the on set talent of owner/operator Greg Meola."

Jonathan Burkhart, Producer GREAT POINT FILMS.

"If you are shooting a film in the Mid-Hudson Valley region, I can highly recommend using Company 1 Productions for all of your Grip and Electric needs. Owner/Operator Greg Meola and his team can provide a fast-paced, professional crew that has proven to be up to the task for productions of all budgets. Their gear is top-notch and their ability to handle the rigors of production in a safe and efficient manner has proven to be invaluable for our production. We were fortunate enough to have Company 1 be available as a reliable and cost-effective way to handle our Grip and Electric needs and I would not hesitate to hire Greg Meola and his team again."

David 'Davecat' Catalano

"The best reason for hiring C1 is owner/grip Greg Meola; the most professional, mild mannered, and skilled technician one could ever hope to work with (Greg is also a first rate dolly grip).  Over the course of a feature production, pressure can bring out the best and worst in individuals, and in this respect I came to appreciate Greg more and more as the days went on.  He's a rock - and I mean that in a good way! We have a tendency to get hung up in this technical business over pieces of equipment on a list but what matters most is the skill and personality of the crew that bring it all to life.  Whatever Greg doesn't have on his truck he can source easily enough. And then he'll drive it through a blizzard to get to set."

–Alex Rappaport, dP, I DREAM TOO MUCH

"There has been no better experience with any Grip truck, whether independent or Hollywood, than the expertise of Company1 Productions. Not only does the Grip have everything you need for any set, but the service, the price and the all round satisfaction, will make you realize that there is no company that can come close in comparison. There is a unique guarantee with this company that you will get not only everything you need, but they also also provide it in great speed and warmth, leaving you with absolutely nothing to complain about. And all filmmakers know, that is true value."

–Yoel Emanuel Eisenstadt, Assistant to the Director, SMALL MIRACLE

"There are countless benefits to hiring a local grip truck like COMPANY 1 PRODUCTIONS. They have a great track record of working with top industry personnel on features, music videos, ads, and photo shoots in the Hudson Valley, and in New York City. COMPANY 1 PRODUCTIONS provides state of the art grip equipment in a clean, organized truck, and they are able to deliver additional needs like custom rigs that they build in their local shop."
"Productions end up saving big bucks by eliminating trips to the city, eliminating lodging, but mostly, they benefit from local know-how, and the connections the company has with local vendors and crew. I've witnessed this over and over again. You need a backhoe? They can get one. You need picture cars or motorcycles? They have friends who own them. You need to get towed out of a snow bank? They have 4x4 pickup trucks. You need a process trailer? They can rig one. Good luck finding all those perks with a NYC vendor!"


"Greg Meola/Company 1 Productions are the real deal. The full grip and electric package with the professionalism, knowledge, and experience that should come with it. An added bonus: he knew the area, making travel and company moves enormously easier. I would highly recommended Greg and his team to all filmmakers and productions in the Hudson Valley."

–Emily Carragher and Jesse LoCascio, SIX FOOT LADDER PRODUCTIONS